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Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty most popular with women that have finished having children and have been left with a stomach that has a lot of loose skin and stretch marks.  Tummy tuck surgery effectively removes unwanted fat and loose skin in the abdomen. In particular, this is removed in both the midsection and the lower areas of the abdomen. The stomach muscles are also tightened to strengthen the wall of the abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Surgery For Overweight People

Most people who visit our cosmetic surgery clinic in Brisbane have problems with the excess fat accumulation in the abdomen area. This can be very difficult to get rid of through conventional weight loss methods like diet and exercise. As for women, several pregnancies could lead to stretching of skin in the abdomen, hence the need to tighten it. Lastly, inelasticity of the skin with age leads the old people to seek skin tightening.

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Various Ways In Which Abdominoplasty Is Done

Tummy tuck is done together with other surgical methods such as mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck. The aim of combining them is to enhance the results of the surgical operation. Both of these methods will require  either local or general anesthetic.

How To Take Care Of Yourself After Abdominoplasty

The following are the things that you should do or not do after the tummy tuck procedure:

  • In the first 12 hours following the surgical procedure, you will need to minimize your movements as much as possible; if possible, confine yourself to your bed.
  • The feet and head should be raised at an angle of 30 degrees so as to reduce the pressure on the sutures.
  • You will be free to make small movement after 2 hours.
  • Neither do nor drive your car for at least the first 6 days except when making follow up to your appointment with us.
  • Maintain a stoop position when walking for at least 5 days after the tummy tuck procedure.


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14 days after the abdominoplasty, you will have the sutures removed but this will not mean you engage in vigorous activities like sports. Resuming normal activities will largely depend on the individual, with some, being able to resume normal activities in a less than a month while others take up to a month.

 Are tummy tuck results permanent?

Generally speaking, the results of tummy tuck surgery may be long lasting, depending on the lifestyle that you maintain, i.e exercising regularly and taking a healthy diet.

Questions That Are Frequently Asked Regarding Abdominoplasty


One of the common questions is on the suitability of a candidate for tummy tuck. This procedure only works for those who are not seeking weight loss. This means you should not be obese or excessively overweight. For you to be a suitable candidate, you need to have as much normal weight as possible. It is also ideal for women who have finished giving birth and want to restore their pre-pregnancy shape.

tummy-tuck-surgeon-BrisbanePain During Abdominoplasty

This is yet another common question asked. The extent of the pain depends on factors like the type of abdominoplasty you have undergone and you ability to experience pain. There is however some mild discomfort with varying degree of intensity.

Abdominoplasty Risks

Risks may arise if you have been smoking 14 days prior to the operation as well as poor care given to the wound. In particular, the cells in the tissue will start dying or undergoing necrosis.

The Time You Have To Wait For Results To Be Seen

Results are almost immediate though this depends on the quality of treatment. Healing should however be given enough time to take place.

Abdominoplasty At Brisbane & Gold Coast

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