Things to remember when going for a Liposuction Consultation

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Liposuction is a term widely used to refer a cosmetic surgery procedure that eliminates fat in the body. Lipectomy, lipoplasty and liposculpture are also commonly used to refer liposuction procedure. Liposuction is performed in two methods which are surgical and non-surgical procedure. Both can provide ideal results depending on the patients needs and goals. These two methods are quite popular these days especially in Cosmetic surgery Brisbane clinic. If you are thinking of going for a liposuction surgery or non-surgical liposuction at our clinic in Brisbane, make sure to read this tips below before getting ready for a consultation. It is important to realize your goals and expectations to support your decision for the procedure.

Consider these things before your liposuction procedure

Your goals

What goals do you have for the liposuction? You will find that in some cases, what you have in mind from the process is very much different from what will actually happen after the procedure. It is the responsibility of the cosmetic surgeon to explain to you the likely results so that you can have realistic goals. Let’s say you want to have an hour-glass figure after liposuction on the hips. The surgeon will evaluate the shape of your body and determine if this is feasible.

Best method to take

There are various methods of liposuction available. As such, it is only through liposuction that it becomes possible to narrow down to the most suitable of them all given your situation. Visit our before and after gallery page for more information.

Complementary procedures

You will learn during liposuction consultation that there are many other procedures which could be done alongside liposuction. For instance, double chin could be corrected during face lift. Our cosmetic surgeon in Brisbane clinic will discuss more options available for you so that you may even do away with the liposuction and instead opt for other complementary procedures.

Cost implications

During the consultation, the surgeon will discuss with you all the cost implications involved in the liposuction procedure. This will set the pace on discussing your budget for the entire procedure as well as negotiate better terms.


In case there are any risks involved such as bleeding and scarring, they will be explained to you during the consultation.

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