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Brisbane Cosmetic Surgery Clinic – Steps to breast implant surgery

If you are planning on going under the knife for breast implants, then it is best to read this short article to understand what breast implants procedure is all about. Breast implants surgery procedure is performed in the breast area at a hospital or surgeon’s office. Unlike some types of surgeries which are outpatient by nature, this one is an inpatient one whereby you may be required to spend a night or so at hospital for recuperation. However, there are some exceptional cases whereby the surgeon may discharge you as an outpatient depending on how the surgery goes i.e. there are no complications.

Nature of the surgery

Breast implant surgery is performed under either local or general anaesthesia .the difference between these two types of anaesthesia is that the former is localized only in the breast area so as to numb it. You will therefore be awake during the surgery. If general anaesthesia is done, you will be knocked unconscious during the entire period of the surgery.

How long does the surgery last?

On average, the breast implant surgery takes around 7 hours, though this may vary from one person to the other as well as the experience of the surgeon.

Are there factors which can affect you stay at hospital?

This depends on the type of breast implant surgery and subsequent complication(s) which may arise after the main operation. Your insurance cover will also affect the length of time that you will stay at the hospital. If there is an extended cover, you will stay longer; if the limit is short, then you may be forced to recuperate at home in order to cut the cost. It is understood that insurance companies do not usually provide this surgery as an inpatient cover while some may actually provide for a few days. For more information, visit our cosmetic surgery practice in Brisbane to book a private consultation.

Before you are booked for breast implant surgery, there are a number of steps that must be followed. These are as discussed below:


You will first visit a surgeon for consultation. The issues that you will discuss with them include the following:

  • Your suitability as a candidate for the surgery
  • The available types of breast implants and which one is most ideal for you given your circumstances.
  • The size, shape and how the breast implants will be placed
  • The before and after photos of you before and after the surgery.

Information that you should divulge to the surgeon includes your medical history, the drugs that you are currently using, any previous surgery and in particular in the breast area as well as issue to do with your pregnancy, i, e if you are pregnant. For more information, visit our breast implants before and after photo galley.

What should be done before surgery?


Before the surgery is carried out, the surgeon will carry out some tests on you such as the mammogram and x-ray on the breasts in order to determine if there are any detectable abnormalities.

Do not eat

On the eve of the breast surgery, you will be asked not to eat anything.


You will be asked to carry loosely fitting clothes to the surgery center.

Transport arrangement

You will be asked to arrange your own means of transport. You may not be able to drive, so you can ask someone to drive you home after the surgery.