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What is Labiaplasty?

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This is a procedure done to correct an abnormally where some women have a bigger than normal labia. This greatly affects their relationships as well as the social life. In terms of social life, they are not able to participate in activities such as swimming.


Reasons for having vaginoplasty

Apart from being born that way, some women also suffer from the condition due to:

  • Child birth
  • Aging

In both cases, the tissue surrounding the vagina is stretched so that the tone, shape and size are altered.

How labiaplasty improves the genitalia

This is a branch of plastic surgery that changes both the physical as well as the functional aspect of the genitals in women and is now gaining prominence in Brisbane at all our clinics.

What distinguishes vaginoplasty from labiaplasty?

Unlike labiaplasty which relates to the appearance  of the labia in terms of size, vaginoplasty is a form of reconstruction of the pelvic floor with an aim of tightening it so that it is restored to its normal tightness through its muscles.

Vaginal Surgery in BrisbaneCosmetic Surgery Brisbane – Helping To Transform Lives

Women who have visited our Brisbane cosmetic surgery clinics will attest to the fact that Dr.Chen is a specialist when it comes to both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. He has helped change hundred of women’s lives.



The irregularities in the appearance of labia in uncountable number of women can be rectified through this procedure known as labiaplasty. If the labia lying in the inner side is larger than usual such that it emerges outwards where the outer one lies, chafing can be prevented through reducing its side surgically speaking. Its shape can also be changed.

What Dr. Chen Will Do During   Labiaplasty Consultation?

Dr. Chen will assess your entire medical history and seek your answers on the goals that you have for the surgery. This is a pre-prequalification for the labiaplasty procedure.

How The Labiaplasty Procedure Is Carried Out

This procedure is usually carried out under an anesthesia which could be either general or local. It usually lasts a day.

Our able surgeon will first make incisions in the form of wedges where the labia are situated. This is before the labium is re-attached to a different place in a bid to ensure that there is no protrusion outside the outer lips.

The stitches used dissolve in the body hence there will be no need to remove them afterwards. The vaginal area stitched is very sensitive, hence the reason for us e of re-absorbable stitches.

The After-Care

After the labiaplasty is done, you should take care of the area by cleaning it using a hand shower two times a day. You should observe high level of hygiene since no bandage is provided. Only through such practices that healing will take place.

Side EffectsLabiaplasty Brisbane_6

You may experience some burning sensation where labiaplasty has been performed. Wearing loose fitting underwear will alleviate the condition instead of using painkillers. This should be done for 14 days following the surgery.


Following the same day discharge, the appointment to our clinics in Brisbane will be after 7 days.

Resuming Sex After Labiaplasty

After a month, you will be able to get back to your normal sexual life. This is a process where healing is fast.

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