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Face and neck surgery

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Loss of elasticity in the skin on the face and neck lead to the visual appearance of  aging and are the main reasons why people will opt for face and neck lift surgery.

Why neck and face surgery?

As noted the effect of aging can lead to sagging jowls when the fullness of the cheeks reduces in volume.  The skin also ceases being elastic or tight. As such, a person appears quite old. Face and neck surgery is effective in reversing these effects so that you look young again.

The surgery involves that you will be put under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia .  The option of both the face and neck surgeries can be done together or separately.

Candidates for the procedure

The most suitably qualified people for the procedure are those in the 40-65 age brackets.

You should however note that though this procedure restores your youthfulness, it does not stop you from aging.

Face and neck lift vs. laser resurfacingFacelift Brisbane_5

Face and neck lift is about altering the facial structure without much impact on the skin quality. If you want the skin quality to improve, you will need to go for laser resurfacing procedure, whereby the laser destroys the outer skin for regeneration of fresh one.

A face /neck surgery and brow lift

During the initial consultation, one of our top cosmetic surgeons  will take you look over your medical history and to discuss and to assess the brow, forehead, neck and face. Such an examination is necessary so that the cause of your premature aging is determined. Afterwards, a determination will be made on whether this type of surgery is ideal for you.

What to expect during free consultation

Our surgeon will explain to you what face and neck surgery is all about so that you can have realistic expectations about the procedure. During your second appointment, our surgeon will further discuss the finer details about the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

How the procedure is carried out

A general or twilight  anesthesia is administered.  The surgeon then makes an incision at the temple from the hairline or through the hair all the way to the front of the ear and behind them. Another incision is made below the chin so as to effect changes on the neck.

Skin tightening

The skin is made tight by raising the layers underneath comprising of the facial muscles and the connective tissue. If there is unwanted skin, then it is removed.

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Excess fat under the skin is removed in the neck region while the muscles are made tight.

Scar formation

It is normal for a small scar to appear at the incision site though it is generally well hidden by your hair and skin creases. Our doctors will try their best to hide the incision behind the tragus or ear and in the creases.

Closing the incisions

After the operation, the surgeon then sutures them back and this is followed by dressing the area where the incision was made.

Post-operative surgery

After the face and neck lift, our nurses who are highly experienced will take care of you and discharge you after the anesthesia have worn off. To reduce any pain, you will be given pain killers so that any discomfort is reduced, whether mild or moderate. You will also need to take antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.

Post Surgery

You should have someone to keep you company the first night. One of our team specialists will advise you on what to-do during the recovery including the amount of time before you should resume work.

You may experience varying emotions such as sadness after the operation, something that is perfectly normal. It is the reaction of the body following the surgery but which subsides as you heal.


Dr. Chen or Dr Boyle will require you to come back to the clinic  48 hours after surgery in order to have the tubes removed. Stitches are usually removed 5 to 10 days after the surgery. The next appointment is usually around 4 weeks later.


The risks for this procedure are similar to those experienced by people who have been put under anesthesia. Dr. Chen or Dr Boyle will explain to you the potential risks before committing to have the procedure.. Thankfully, these risks are fewer if you are in perfect health and physically fit.