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What are the benefits of Dermal Fillers?

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Dermal fillers have many benefits such as:

  • Smoothing the creases and lines on the skin so as to give you a youthful appearance on the lips and skin.
  • Dermal fillers prevent deepening of the aging lines so that they only remain superficial
  • Takes little time to work on the skin to heal after the dermal filling procedure. The transformation is immediate
  • Helps make small changes on the skin but the difference in terms of appearance is enormous.

Dermal filler injection are used for the following

These filler injections are preferred for the excellent lines in getting rid of anger lines, otherwise known as worry lines. If your lips are disheveled, you will need to plump them up using this method.

Various skin imperfections

If you have skin imperfections such as scarring, acne, creases or folds on any part of the face, dermal filler injections will help conceal or even them out.

Dermal fillers also improve the cheek bone, helping to get rid of age lines. In the absence of wrinkles, creases and smile lines, you will have  desirable, flawless, smooth skin. This is achievable thanks to the dermal filler injections’ ability to avert further loss of collagen.

Where do you get all these services?dermal fillers brisbane

At our cosmetic surgery clinic in Brisbane we  provide you with a wide range of cosmetic options to assist in the rejuvenation of your skin. We offer very affordable prices to allow more people the opportunity to experience the benefits of dermal fillers.  Our services are custom made to suit your specific needs. We also provide options such as anti wrinkle injections and simply laser. The latter is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Hoods Administration.

How Dermal Fillers Can Help You

Dermal filler is reliable as it helps in improving the facial characteristics including the nose, lips and the cheeks. Patients with reduced or lack of volume in these facial features have them cosmetically enhanced.

Dermal Filler Procedure

The process of receiving dermal fillers will only take around 30 minutes. Generally you will only need up to 1 – 2  treatments  based on the area type and size of area to be worked on.

Recovery from dermal filler

The recovery time is usually fast such that you will recover immediately and resume your normal activities. If there are any post-treatment side effects like reddening of the skin or swelling, this will be for only a few hours after which it will disappear.


This injection lasts up to 6 months and 2 years, depending on the area of application and type. Durability is enhanced by factors such as thickness and firmness of material used.