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breast-implants-brisbane-picThe reduced cost of the procedure and advancement in technology applied has both led to the rise in the popularity of breast implants recently. Brisbane Cosmetic Surgery clinic has not been left behind in where breast augmentation is carried out. This procedure is also known as mammaplasty. The main purpose of this procedure is to improve the appearance of the breasts.

Our staff

We have a team of highly skilled staff. They have the necessary experience and proficiency hence you are assured to get top notch advice regarding the shape, size and the implant that will most match your needs.

Reasons why women desire to have Breast Implants

There are many reasons for wanting to have breast implants. Many women with small breast often choose to get breast implants to improve their size. It is also very common for women that have finished having children to get breast implants as the result of having children and breast feeding can leave ones breast with a saggy appearance. Breast implants helps to restore the shape, fullness  and general appearance.

Although mammaplasty is mainly meant for aesthetics as well as reconstruction, there are other strong reasons for this kind of procedure. For one, it improves the volume of the breast as well as the shape following traumatic experiences. It also helps in losing weight, restoring the shape of breasts after breastfeeding and post-pregnancy appearance.


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Various kinds of Implants

Breast implants come in various sizes, shape and texture. These three influence the appearance of breasts, something that women pay particular attention to.


The types of breast implants are as discussed below:

Round Implants

Going by popularity, this is the most popular as it offers ability to increase in volume and the fact that they come rounded by design. Additionally round implants can be rotated without affecting their appearance. This aspect helps in giving the volume above the chest.

Teardrop Implants

By design, these types of implant are structurally as much as possible as the real life breasts. They are best suited for those women who have a poor lower formation but have an excellent upper part of the breast.

What to choose

Choosing the correct size and shape of breast implants is very important. This is always a very individual matter but with the help and advice of one of our breast implant specialists you can be assured of making the correct choice. 

breast-implant-placementBreast implant placement

The options that will be availed to you include type, shape and size and how the implants will be inserted. The surgeon will advice on the whether this will be done under the nipple, under arm or directly under your breast. It is important also to emphasize the point of insertion i.e. top or under your muscle.

If you choose to have it done above the muscle, the breast will be clearly visible and assist in the recovery. It will also mean reduced pain and a look that is fuller. For the one under the muscle, you will have a natural appearance especially if you have a thinner shape.

It also comes with the advantage of reducing sagging. What is important is that the surgeon will discuss the options with you before you the procedure starts.


It will take you around 2-3 weeks or earlier to recover from breast implants surgery. In a week’s time, you may be able to resume work.