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Medical benefits of cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic procedure is performed not as medical necessity but for aesthetic purposes. As a result, you will tend to associate the cosmetic surgery with celebrities who have the money to splash for the often expensive procedure. This is however not the case as cosmetic surgery has many medical benefits to people. In fact there are many surgical procedures which are cosmetic in nature but important for medical reasons.

Correcting cleft lips in children

Away from the media limelight are life-saving cosmetic surgeries such as cleft lip which is done to correct abnormalities in the lips. If children with cleft lips are left on their own, their health will be on the line, not forgetting the fact that their self confidence is dependent on it. cosmetic surgery for children with cleft lip

Doing away with scars

Much as cosmetic surgery has got to do with improving the appearance, scars could leave you, well…scarred for life. The scars could have resorted from an accident like fire. Though you can live with it, you may be traumatised especially if the scar is in a prominent part of the body. Cosmetic surgery comes in handy by concealing the scar and gives you a new lease of life.

Women and breasts

Without cosmetic surgery, women would have physical and psychological problems based on the appearance of their breast. Breast lift procedure and breast augmentation are just a few examples of benefits of cosmetic surgery which help restore the confidence of women who have various breast issues.

Proper breathing

The septum could be deviated in some people such that they cannot breathe properly. Cosmetic surgery helps to correct the anomaly and allow one to sleep well without having to wake others due to snoring. Left alone, this problem could pose a serious health risk to the sufferers.

Averts serious diseases

People with conditions such as bulging tummies have accumulated fat deposits in their bellies. This fat potentially poses a health problem in terms of cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac arrest and stroke. Such people are also at heightened risk of suffering from diabetes, cancer and other serious bodily complications. Through tummy tuck and liposuction, the excess fat is removed, thereby allowing you to exercise and keep off the diseases. This procedure is essential as it allows full body movements without any restriction.

Improved quality of life

Studies have shown that patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery a better and improved level of living. They have a better perception of themselves, have more confidence and are socially healthier than their counterparts. This is a reflection of the benefits of cosmetic surgery to them. Whether the impact is physical or psychological, either contribute to the overall health of a person.

Prolonged life

Medically speaking, cosmetic surgery can prolong the length of life of person to a greater extent. This is medically important as defective parts are removed to allow healing as well as introduce healthier parts. If left lonesome conditions could be life threatening, curtailing full enjoyment of life. Cleft lip comes in mind. Having considered all the above, it is safe to say that there are many medical benefits of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery

Brisbane Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery

Women who have sagging breasts that are uneven or droop are often in search of the best approach to correct this type of issue.  Their desire is to create breast that are shapely and not particularly noticed due to their decreased volume and inability to appear as an even pair of breasts.  Women with problems of this nature will undergo a breast lift procedure and experience great results in the process. 

The first step to take when you begin to consider a breast lift surgery is to visit a surgeon. Book your consultation with Dr James Chen, a board certified cosmetic surgeon in Brisbane and Gold coast.  He will be able to inform you if this will give you the results needed to correct the problem area.  Once the decision has been agreed upon to have a breast lift, the process can begin.

Once you have undergone a breast lift procedure, you will notice that your breasts have a shape that is more youthful in appearance.  You will also find that the shape, symmetry and projection of your breasts have greatly improved.  Even more noticeably, your clothes will take on a completely different shape when worn.  They will have a more contoured form to your chest area.  One of the greatest accolades of all is that you will have a boost in your level of self esteem and confidence that will change your entire outlook on life.

Visit our Breast Reduction & Breast lift before and after gallery to learn more

breast lift in brisbane

Breast Lift with Dr James Chen

Your breast lift procedure will be performed in our accredited medical facility and surgeon’s office.  You will be administered general anesthesia or sedated intravenously.  This is to help relax you and keep you calm during the procedure.  There are different techniques taken to remove and reshape the skin of the breast to determine the incision location.  The size and shape of your breasts, as well as the position and size of your areola, play a major role in this decision process.  The elasticity of your skin and the extent of the degree to which your breast are sagging, is an important factor to be considered as well.

Dr Chen performs an outstanding solution for sagging breasts that consists breast implants surgery with breast lift to patients who needs it. Increasing the size of the breast while enhancing the shape and position on one surgical procedure to reduce the downtime needed for number of surgery. Get in touch with our specialists for more information about breast implant with breast lift.

The surgeon will take the excess skin and reposition the areola and the nipple higher.  If there is a stretched areola, it will now be decreased in size.  The extra skin that once presented itself above the areola will now be shaped together underneath the breast to present a shapelier appearance.  The surgeon removes all excess skin by tightening the skin in proper position and seaming the breast together again.  There will be sutures placed in the tissue of the breast to help support the newly positioned breast for an adequate amount of time.  The areolas and nipples stay intact with breast tissue to allow for the preservation of sensation and breast feeding capabilities if necessary.

There are several different options that your surgeon has regarding the type of incision to use.  As with any procedure, he will give you advice on which he thinks will work best for your type of skin and body type.  Several options will be the anchor, lollipop, crescent or scarless lift.  The surgeon will choose the one that allows him to closely follow the natural contour of your breast area. If you are ready for a consultation, visit our contact us page to arrange a FREE appointment.

Things to remember when going for a Liposuction Consultation

Liposuction is a term widely used to refer a cosmetic surgery procedure that eliminates fat in the body. Lipectomy, lipoplasty and liposculpture are also commonly used to refer liposuction procedure. Liposuction is performed in two methods which are surgical and non-surgical procedure. Both can provide ideal results depending on the patients needs and goals. These two methods are quite popular these days especially in Cosmetic surgery Brisbane clinic. If you are thinking of going for a liposuction surgery or non-surgical liposuction at our clinic in Brisbane, make sure to read this tips below before getting ready for a consultation. It is important to realize your goals and expectations to support your decision for the procedure.

Consider these things before your liposuction procedure

Your goals

What goals do you have for the liposuction? You will find that in some cases, what you have in mind from the process is very much different from what will actually happen after the procedure. It is the responsibility of the cosmetic surgeon to explain to you the likely results so that you can have realistic goals. Let’s say you want to have an hour-glass figure after liposuction on the hips. The surgeon will evaluate the shape of your body and determine if this is feasible.

Best method to take

There are various methods of liposuction available. As such, it is only through liposuction that it becomes possible to narrow down to the most suitable of them all given your situation. Visit our before and after gallery page for more information.

Complementary procedures

You will learn during liposuction consultation that there are many other procedures which could be done alongside liposuction. For instance, double chin could be corrected during face lift. Our cosmetic surgeon in Brisbane clinic will discuss more options available for you so that you may even do away with the liposuction and instead opt for other complementary procedures.

Cost implications

During the consultation, the surgeon will discuss with you all the cost implications involved in the liposuction procedure. This will set the pace on discussing your budget for the entire procedure as well as negotiate better terms.


In case there are any risks involved such as bleeding and scarring, they will be explained to you during the consultation.

Physical benefits of cosmetic surgery

How can Cosmetic Surgery help me?

benefits of cosmetic surgeryBesides the emotional benefits usually associated with cosmetic surgery, there are various positive benefits associated with it.

Since time immemorial, people of all walks of life have aspired to look better through continuous improvement. Granted, there is a measure of society’s influence on how we look or rather, how we ought to look like. Even without having to conform to societal pressue, we have an inherent desire to look good. If you had an abnormality that bothered you for long and you went for cosmetic surgery, people-including you-will notice instantly that you have changed physically. In most cases, the desired results will easily be noticed. You will look better looking and more beautiful. The bruises and swelling are usually temporary and do not mar the beauty that lies within. 

The effect is usually more conscious in women especially if the cosmetic surgery involved some of the sensitive areas of female beauty-breasts. Breast enhancement procedure like breast implants surgery, breast lift and breast reduction are the main procedure that hundreds of women have benefited these days. The breasts are in direct line of our vision and women are always conscious of what people will say concerning their small breasts, big breasts and so on.  After the cosmetic surgery, the results will be immediate: Firm and well shaped breasts will take the place of the sagging breasts that were once the source of scorn, humiliation and embarrassment. This means that cosmetic surgery has positive benefits specially if you visit our cosmetic surgery clinic in Brisbane where highly-skilled surgeon are serious about giving you the results and looks you want.

Improving the entire Appearance

Women in particular are conscious of their looks. The face and other visible features may either make you look younger or older. Wrinkle lines may work against you as year’s progress. Having a Botox injection is one of the ways of getting rid of wrinkle lines, rendering your face smooth and beautiful. Such is the positive impact that cosmetic surgery has on the physical attributes of a person.

Physical activities

Another positive benefit of cosmetic surgery is that you are able to do so many activities that you previously could not participate in. For instance, you could not bend to pick something in front of people for fear of exposing your sagging breasts. Others may have a problem changing into sports gear for fear of exposing their bodily imperfections. This is usually very limiting. After surgery, you are able to engage in any physical activity with renewed confidence.


You can tell an unbalanced body by looking at it. This is clearly discernible to the human eye. People with such problems with being proportional strive to strike a balanced outlook. For instance, one breast could be larger than the other. Cosmetic surgery helps to remove the imperfection and help you achieve the proportionality that you deserve.

Desired looks

Whether it is the eyes, cheeks, lips, neck or breasts, the fact of the matter is that you will be desirous to have them improved. Liposuction procedure helps remove the unsightly tummy that has been standing in your way socially and health-wise. There is a general understanding you can only get better with cosmetic surgery.

Improved health

It goes without saying that after cosmetic surgery, you will look healthier. For instance, a flatter tummy will make you look healthier than if you had bulging one.